The concept of Non-Duality has been the major driving force behind Philip’s work. This concept postualtes that there is only One Consciousness and that everything is Consciousness, and made of the 'substance' of Consciousness, animate and non-animate. This is closely associated with life; without consciousness we would not be alive and all our perceptions, inspirations and ideas arise in consciousness.

No one can know what consciousness is, but we can know about it, as it is an obvious presence. Science now says that everything in the universe is inter-dependent and that it apparently arose spontaneously out of its own nature. Beyond this the how-and-why is a complete Mystery. It is commonly called 'God', but this word is so overloaded and hedged about by associated 'religious myth and dogma' that it is untenable as a working actuality, unless seen simply as self-arising universal Consciousness.

Many of Philip’s works attempt to point to this mystery, and because the physical world is so visually prominent he finds the use of natural forms the best route to follow, so as not to be even more vague in visual communication, as in the use of the 'abstract' and 'decorative' systems.